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Who cleans up after the animals?
Lets face it, they are animals and odds are they will leave a trail of a mess. Rest assured that we will clean up whatever the animals leave behind. 

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, Absolutely!! Carousel Acres carries a million dollar insurance policy for your protection and ours. We are also licensed with the USDA for the protection of our animals.

Petting Farm or Viewing Farm?
We absolutely encourage everyone to come in and visit with the animals. Brushes are provided to groom the animals, they all love a good brushing!

Is there a weight limit for the pony rides?
Yes, for the protection of the pony and the rider there is a limit of 90lbs.  

Do you have different sizes of pony's?
Yes, if you will have mostly small children at your event, let us know and we will bring one of our smaller pony's. We will bring a larger pony for kids of all ages.

How reliable are you?
If you are on our schedule you can be sure that we will be at your event. Carousel Acres has been in business since 1993 and over the years we have built a loyal client base due to our reliability and follow through to make your day as special and stress free as possible. We have had the privilege of watching children experience the best party year after year because our reputation speaks for itself.  

Are your ponies safe?
YES! All of our ponies are seasoned ponies and are trustworthy enough that our grandkids can go out and just hop on with a lead rope in their pasture. Our ponies are handled by an experienced Carousel Acres staff member at ALL times. They have been in every situation and acclimate very quickly to their new environment. If for some reason you or your child feel unsure about their ride, we encourage you to walk along side.  

Is a Pony a baby Horse?
No. A horse is 14.2 hands (4 ft 10 in, 147 cm) tall at the area between the shoulders called the withers, while ponies are shorter than 14.2 hands (one hand = 4 inches). This is determined once fully grown.

Pricing & Payments:
A $50 deposit is due to secure your party.  Carousel Acres prices are current on our website. Be leery of those who do not display their prices for all to see, it seems as though there are companies out there that have different prices depending on season, location and day of week. 

What makes your company different than others?
We have been in business since 1993, we are family owned and operated at the same location in South Lyon, MI. We are fully insured for your safety and have been with the same insurance company for 20+ years. All of our animals are part of our family, this is their forever home. Our employees are family members and friends. We do not have farm managers that work for us, when you hire Carousel Acres that is exactly WHO you will get.

Can we feed the animals?
Carousel Acres does not Provide food to feed to the animals at your event because their feed may carry an ingredient that one of your guests may be allergic to. Germs can also be spread very easily to little ones mouths. Safety comes first!!


Here at Carousel Acres, we take pride in the care of our animals.  They are very well cared for whether it be their mental health, their environment, and their well being all together.

We hope to make your event...whatever type it may be, an amazing experience for all that attend and interact with our presentation.

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