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Gypsy Horse


Meet Anticipation N'Co, or as we like
to call her "Annie", she is a Gypsy Vanner.  We are so proud to own such a magnificent and beautiful animal! Annie is one of our show horses, she is ridden english and western.  If your party is at the farm or if you are just visiting the farm be sure to say hello to her, (by the way she loves peppermints, but be sure to ask a staff member first!!).

We are proud to be the FIRSt company in michigan that will bring a gypsy horse to your special event.  If annie does not have a prior engagement at an event or a show, she would be happy to see you and add that extra touch of beauty to your party.

Annie is expecting!!!

Carousel Acres is going to get a little more beautiful this spring. It has been a long road to get Annie pregnant, for two years she was not able to carry a baby past 3 months. After lots of vet appointments and visits to MSU, there was no reason why she could not carry a baby. A decision was made to choose a different stallion and we chose " Mr Biker Conners N'Co" . After one visit to N'Co gypsy vanners in Ohio, Annie was ultrasounded and was confirmed to be in foal. In our excitement we let the breeder know the good news, and however the next morning we received a message that Bikers had passed away due to colic, and for annie to hold on tight to this baby as it would be his last. We are happy to say that Annie has held on and will be due around May 25th, 2015.
She is and will be on pasture rest through the summer. Keep your fingers crossed for her!!
We are honored to have been given the opportunity to breed annie to an amazing Gypsy stallion.

**You can see some photos of the handsome Mr. Bikers below**

Below are some pictures of the handsome Mr. Bikers.